Pt. I - Ray, the sad moose

There once was a man who defeated the Seas,
who traveled the oceans to find his true strength.
A man who joined the heroes of legends,
with courage he saved the old clan of the moose.
This is the story of the brave Captain Ray.

There once was a boy who was simply called Ray,
he was of sad nature and his thoughts they were dark.
There was something he feared very much,
yet name he could not this dangerous foe.
And the fault he always searched with himself.

But years went passing by and Ray grew up,
still followed by that bittersweet melancholy.
The sadness in his eyes and the depth of his thoughts
made the people around him avoid him,
for many fear what seems foreign to them.

And though he longed for friendship and love,
he did not dare let anyone near him.
For he had lost his love, and he feared
that he might lose his friends as well...
for all we covet, we destroy.

So hide he did himself and his presence,
wherever he went, to protect himself
and all he loved, from harm, for he believed
that he would destroy them with his sadness.
And this is how Ray became a moose.






























Pt. III - Ray, the vampire moose

When Ray reached a forest, his sadness recurred.
His thoughts returned dark and his smile died away,
for he sensed a presence of deep evil and death.
Although it was faint, he followed that scent
of the shed blood of his beloved family of moose.

And so he mounted the highest of mountains,
while rain started falling and snow finally came,
And in the end, when he reached to the peak,
he saw in the snow the tracks of a moose,
and from spilt blood he could see where to go.

As Ray saw that creature, it was the mightiest of all,
a splendorous moose with antlers of gold,
yet blood kept running through his hazel fur,
and his clear eyes were sad beyond words,
when he turned his head and gave Ray a look.

The wisdom in those eyes made Ray hesitate.
Could this be Moose-sama, the god of all moose?
In this strange country so far up in the north,
that he had traveled to to fight his everlasting sadness?
But what worried him most - the moose god was wounded.

A cruel demon had come from far across the sea
and had poisoned the spirit and body of Moose-sama.
So deep was his wound, that he fled to the mountain
and furious became the dark waters of the seas,
never to let anyone like that demon to the god again.

When Ray learned about this gruesome story,
he did no longer fear what was his task to fulfill.
The blood running through his veins was that of a son
of the ancient clan of the vampires, and so
he sucked the poison out of Moose-samas deep wound.






















Pt. II - Ray, the seafarer moose

There came the day that Ray met the moose
gathering in the green valleys where dragons fly.
One of them was a descendant of the ancient clan
of the dragons themselves, the other, a wise moose,
was the mysterious dark flame of Hyarmen.

They lived for coffee and canned meat called spam,
and they enjoyed their time together in the valley.
Yet Ray remained a sad moose, for he feared
that even his moose friends would abandon him
for his neverending sadness and melancholy.

That was when Ray decided to leave all behind.
He bid farewell to his beloved moose siblings
and to the beautiful green valleys of his home,
farewell to the red dragons wandering the skies,
and he went on a journey far away across the oceans.

High rose the prow, heavy waved the sails,
as the shore of his home vanished into the mist
and nothing was with him than the angry ocean,
but he did not waver, strongly he held to the helm,
and in that darkest night, the journey of Captain Ray began.

Even though the path before him was dangerous,
Captain Ray did not fear the stormy waters of the sea.
He ventured into the unknown, day after day,
and although the waves fought bitterly against him,
his ship did not break, nor did his soul.

For Ray had the courage of his moose ancestors,
and he sought a way to defeat his curse of sadness.
The lightning and thunder could not harm him,
safely he brought his ship through the ravaging storm.
And he traveled for weeks all across the hostile waters.

It was fate for him to vanquish the horrid tempest,
and after twelve weeks of war, the sea calmed down.
The waves did abate and finally the sky cleared up,
and in that beautiful night, Ray could see the stars
glistering in that majestic beauty of the cosmos.

And so he reached the shore of a foreign land
that looked mysterious and unknown to him.
The ship he left behind, tied safely to a huge tree,
and with a cane and a bag with water and food,
he continued his journey onshore and by foot.

























Pt. IV - Ray, the victorious moose

Saving the life of the proud god of all moose people,
Ray had proven his unending courage and might.
Moose-sama was strong and powerful again, as gods are.
And Ray, the eversad moose, had been his saviour.
So in glory and splendour he began his long journey home.

When he left the northern lands, the wind followed him.
The dark waters of the deep ocean guided him kindly,
and when he finally heard the first dragon roaring,
when he saw the first stripe of the coastline of his home,
his heart suddenly grew heavy and melancholic again.

For even though he had traveled so far away
and had healed the mighty god Moose-sama,
he had still maintained the soul of a sad moose.
But his fear of his sadness' destructive power,
he had overcome it on his dangerous journey.

And when he went ashore in his home valley
and his moose sister and brother greeted him
with a feast of canned meat and lots of coffee
and the dragons roamed the sky high above,
he truly felt at home at last, reunited with his clan.

And so it came that the brave Captain Ray,
the sad seafarer from the clan of the moose,
returned to his valley a hero of immortal legends,
as he embraced his bittersweet melancholy,
and this is where the story of Captain Ray ends.


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