Pt. I - Burz Ghâsh

There is a rumour in the silent green valleys.
The dragons have heard about it many times,
but never have they seen this strange creature.
It is almost as if he was invisible even to the eyes
of the mightiest of all animals, the clan of the dragons.

It is a being that walks their valleys with no sound.
It is impossible to see him with the sharpest eyes.
Only, if you run into him, you will notice his presence
from his words, or from his scent of coffee and spam.
It is a creature whose thoughts noone can understand.

His mind is as sharp as the legendary Emerald Sword,
his heart burns in passion for music, coffee and spam.
Some say he comes from the depths of a mystical world
populated by all kinds of beings, called Middle-Earth.
Some say his age and wisdom must be beyond words.

Few is known about his true identity or objectives,
yet many things are told about him, and not all is true.
Some inhabitants of the valley tried to find out more
about their fellow, but he did not answer any questions.
So after a while, they gave it up and stopped asking.

They call him the Flame of Hyarmen, a black fire that rises
whenever he picks up the scent of coffee or canned meat.
His mind and soul will ever be the most mysterious one
of all creatures that live in the peaceful green valleys.
His name is Burz Ghâsh, and he is the wisest of the moose.


Pt. II - The loss

Spam is to most creatures canned meat of poor quality.
Yet in the green valleys that are home to the moose,
it is a special delicacy that is highly appreciated by the clan.
For they cherish their food like they cherish their homeland,
and Burz Ghâsh is the moose king of coffee and spam.

But then came that fateful day that all the spam disappeared.
No matter where they sought, the moose could not find it.
And after days of searching, they finally surrendered.
The painful truth was, that their soul food had been stolen.
But who would do such a cruel thing to the peaceful moose?

The moose could not understand it, nor believe it was true.
The beloved valleys of their home were free of all spam.
They knew it had to be the work of a truly evil demon,
yet their fear of the power of that unknown foe was great.
It was Burz who in the end set out to bring back the spam.

So he went, unseen and in silence, as moose always do,
following his heart that kept crying for the wonderful spam
and his keen mind was racing, burning like a dark flame,
searching for a way to find a trace of the unknown enemy.
And so he traveled farther and farther into the unknown.


Pt. III - On the Search for Spam

Burz' journey was not dangerous, yet very exhausting.
For even though he was able to move unseen by others,
he did not know where to search for his beloved spam,
nor did he know the face of the clan's fearful enemy.
So he could only trust his senses and follow his heart.

He came to a forest that was surrounded by a dark aura.
The once so spruce trees were old, their stems weathered,
lichen growing on the branches, brown moss on the ground,
and yet all those green colours seemed pale and dying,
and in the brushwood, a cold wind was mourning.

Ancient magic lived in this forest, Burz could feel it strongly.
But it was a sad magic, the old spirits of the woods were weeping.
And on the ground, eternal darkness reigned, for the light of the sun
could not reach through the deep grief that filled the heavy air.
And somehow Burz knew that the demon had been here too.

So he kept wandering down the narrow path that led him
deeper and deeper into the darkness of the forest.
He felt as if the spirits in this place could see his presence,
but that was not true, for there can only be one moose clan -
yet the depressed atmosphere found a way to his heart.

Silent spirits were wandering through the brushwood,
following the cold winds that kept crying, and the trees
quietly told an ancient tale about evil living in their shadow.
As Burz followed the mourning of the wind, more and more
it felt as if in this forest, there was no truth and no honesty.

Shady schemes flickered behind the stems of the trees,
cold, wet mist wafting over the way blinded Burz' sight.
The right direction was no longer clear to him,
and wherever he looked, all he could see was vain darkness.
The spirit of this forest had been cursed and poisoned too deeply.

But Burz' mind was strong, his heart still burning,
he went on forth, no matter how false this place was.
and after many days, he reached a wide forest glade,
yet the sun did not shine, for dark clouds covered the sky.
And on the pale grass, a truly evil beast was sleeping.

- to be continued! 

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